My name is Anne Dorte and I work with digital marketing in my own company.

Since 2015, I have been a mentor for refugees who want to start their own business. As a mentor, I help with daily sparring ranging from common everyday problems to idea development and help with marketing the company.

Many refugees have entrepreneurial experience from their home country. They have been used to managing on their own and find it unnatural to be on public support. The work of helping entrepreneurs get started with their own business is value-creating for both the individual – but also for society as a whole. Becoming self-employed shapes the entrepreneur’s life and creates value for the entrepreneur, the family and for the society in which he or she lives. With a status as self-employed, the professional identity is strengthened. But it goes deeper than that. It is to the benefit of integration, intercultural cohesion and the growth of our society to help people out of unemployment. We thus help reduce societal costs and instead increase tax revenues.

When integration and the individual’s identity are strengthened – illness and its financial and personal consequences are reduced. It is my hope that we can get many more refugees out of public support.