50.000 dkk for Bilal

Today we were able to inform Bilal Abdu that we had collected DKK 50.000 for him and thus saved his plans to be able to establish a café in the middle of Aarhus. To promote the café, Egenvirksomhed.NU is also preparing a website and a Facebook page for Bilal’s small business. The picture shows Metin Lindved Aydin (left) with Bilal Abdu (right)

Dear all who have donated for the Haregu Coffee fundraiser.

We have realized that MobilePay in accordance with GDPR have deleted all contact information to you – and thus we have only your name to go by and no means to get in touch with all of you who have made great donations – unfortunately.


If you are one of the many who have donated money, in order to receive your reward, you must show up at Haregu Coffee, state that you have supported the café, state your name, after which Bilal will serve you.

Sorry for the hassle and hopefully we can open our Café for you all very soon