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JumpStory New Partner

JumpStory and Egenvirksomhed.nu become partners. JumpStory offers authentic looking stock photos via subscription. The partnership means that start-ups with ties to Egenvirksomhed.nu can gain access to JumpStory’s service on advantageous terms. A huge ‘thank you’ to the JumpStory founders and serial entrepreneurs Anders Thiim and Jonathan Løw for supporting Egenvirksomhed.nu’s work in helping refugees and […]

Speaking at Erhvervshus Midtjylland Event

Egenvirksomhed.nu was this week invited to speak at a kick-off event which was hosted by Erhvervshus Midtjylland. The project is called ”BSI_4 women. Female entrepreneurship – refugees and immigrants” and is focused on how to assist female refugees or immigrants in starting their own company. Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Norway is part […]

It only takes two minutes

It should be easy and simple to become a member of Egenvirksomhed.nu – or to cancel the membership for that matter. Our organization consists of businesspeople who on a volunteer basis help others to establish their own companies. We prefer spending our time on doing that and not on administration. Therefore, we have entered a […]

General assembly 2023

The annual general assembly of Egenvirksomhed.nu takes place on Thursday March 30th at 19:00. The general assembly will be held at Folkestedet, Carl Blochs Gade 28, 8000 Aarhus C. If you are considering to become a member of Egenvirksomhed.nu, the general assembly is a great opportunity to become more familiar with the association and its […]

Egenvirksomhed.nu part of DFUNK’s Future Academy

In collaboration with Dansk Flygtningehjælp Ungdom Egenvirksomhed.nu is part of the event ‘Future Academy’. The purpose of Future Academy is to inspire young people who has refugee experiences and provide them with information about education and job opportunities as well as expanding their network. We will contribute by engaging in an open dialogue with the […]

Get 50% on accounting program

Egenvirksomhed.nu has entered a partnership with Dinero Visma which gives affiliated companies 50% on Dinero’s solution for professionals. Contact us at info@egenvirksomhed.nu if you wish to learn more about how to get access to the discount.

New board in place

Board members of Egenvirksomhed.nu has been appointed. Metin Aydin continues as chairman with Jens T. Liendgaard as treasurer. Michael Flintholm, Rolf Olsen and Klaus Risom are also members of the board. Egenvirksomhed.nu is a non-profit organization consisting of businesspeople who wish to take responsibility for the development of an entrepreneurial culture among people on social […]